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     Donna Jarvis started crafting pine needle baskets in 2003 with the idea that they would make great gifts for family members and friends. She enjoyed crafting them so much that she sometimes couldnít put them down. As a result her journey has led to many art and craft shows, several of which are juried shows where your peers have to review your work and decide if your art is good enough to be displayed in their show. Donna's baskets can currently be seen and purchased in thirteen stores and art galleries in Michigan as well as three other states. This is in addition to art gallery displays and shows around the state. She has also had several of her baskets shipped to other countries in Europe as gifts as well as purchased by collectors in other countries.

      Donna has had several newspaper and magazine articles written about her pine needle basket work. Many of these have been related to the demand for custom baskets done to the buyers requests. This has become a big thing. As a result the baskets have become much more sophisticated in respect to the different mediums used. Donna now uses real whitetail deer antlers as well as slabs cut from natural stones including but not limited to, Brazilian Agate, Lake Superior agate, and the most popular in this area, Petoskey stones and Pudding stones. In the area surrounding the St Maryís River the St. Joesph pudding stone is a local stone which was formed millions of years ago and is common only to our area. Most of these stone slabs have been cut in our own shop using diamond saws. It is a real prize to find one!

     As a result of all her endeavors Donna has been asked to do demonstrations of her skills as well as teach lessons at the prestigious Alberta House Art Gallery and Arnies arts N Crafts, as well as other retail outlets that sell her art. Donna will also be teaching at The Lifelong Learning College at The Village's in Florida in 2011-2012 winter season.

     Donna also does oil painting on basket bottoms including wildlife scenes and landscapes, and has taken many painting classes from noted artists and instructors. In additions to that she creates baskets with wood burning of wildlife and marine scenes. In December 2007 Donna completed a series of painting of wood carvings depicting ducks and Blue Heron at the request of a carving artist because of her abilities in this area.

      Donna particularly likes working with antlers as each one takes on a life of itís own and it seems that no two are alike. The shape of the basket is dictated by the shape of the horn making this aspect of her art form special and challenging.

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